My First Post!

Happy New Year my lovely readers.

It’s my first post on the blog and I’m so elated. I’ve put so much pressure on myself, trying to decide the perfect post and waiting for a major success. Then I remembered: I decided to start this blog to share my journey in the biotechnology industry as a researcher and not only for “jumbo” accomplishments.

Anyway, the post is here finally! (Yasss, my first post ever!!!) My name is Edidiong Nkiruka (Kikie) Essien, a recent graduate of Biotechnology, I am very keen on medical research and would love to be a scientist/researcher as well as a science communicator. I enjoy talking about my projects, research works and the prowess of biotechnology. Teaching is also something I love doing, this is why I started a blog where I could share my knowledge, experiments, journey and research with a lot of people.

I hope to make this blog as engaging as I can and hope my readers have fun while learning.

the next big thing will be a lot of small things.

So here’s to me celebrating my wins.

  • I currently work as a research assistant and I love every bit of it.
  • Sometime in July 2018, I bagged my bachelors degree in Biotechnology inserts dancing emoji.
  • I started a blog and here is my first post.

If there’s anything you have always wanted to do, GO FOR IT!

There is never really a right time.

Please follow me on Instagram @biotechhub and feel free to send a mail to if there is anything you would like to know or want me to share.

Thank you for reading.


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