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Online Courses – Stanford University from Yaba

Let me tell you how…

Online education involves the use of digital networks for interaction and learning, without any face-face meetings. You must have heard about platforms like Coursera, edx, LinkedIn Learning. These platforms provide access to courses from leading institutions worldwide. If you have optimized these platforms, good for you. If you are still procrastinating; I’m judging you.

There is so much you can learn on the internet these days and if you’ve been thinking of “self-development” for a long time and you’re not sure how to go about it, I might have a suggestion for you.

So, in between experiments (like when I have to incubate cells for an hour), I have some time to play on my phone. I use that time to: check through Twitter and Instagram, to read or do other random things.

Speaking of random things, my friend Biodun suggested that I take a Science Writing course on Coursera because she knew I’d like it (surround yourself with great minds people). I began the course after she sent the link to me and she was right!- I did enjoy it! It started out initially as a search for knowledge, but after I completed the second week’s lessons, I decided that I needed the certificate.

I went ahead to apply for a Coursera scholarship and waited two weeks for a response. After I had a little rant to my sister on how they hadn’t gotten back to me and started making plans to pay for the course I checked my mail again and boom 💥 I got the scholarship.

Basically, to apply for one, you’re to answer two questions

1. Why you want the scholarship.

2. How the course will help you achieve your career goals.

Whether you decide to pay for a course or you got a scholarship to take it, or maybe you’re even doing it for free and don’t expect to get a certificate; I think you should have something that pushes you to complete it. Like a serious motivation to complete the course and pass it.

My motivation was to be a better science writer and of course, I completed the course “with honors”

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Go check my LinkedIn 😉

So, what’s that thing you have always wanted to learn? The time is now! Learn it.

I’m signing out as a Stanford graduate 👩🏼‍🎓💁🏽‍♀️



    Amazing post. Yes, these days, with the way technology has improved, you need not wait for anyone to come sit you down and lecture you on anything. Self development through online courses have been made very easy on various platforms. I take SEO courses too online because of where I work right now and its been amazing and really, there ain’t no stopping me. Thanks for this post, I hope it motivates anyone that needs motivation as it did motivate me. You’re amazing!

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