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    YouTube University

    What type of learner are you? I recently did an online quiz that revealed (information I already knew) that I am mostly a visual learner. While I agree with that, I also learn effectively with an appropriate combination of all three types of learning styles categorized by scientists. These learning styles are visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. There are scientific debates on whether these concepts are valid or if our learning styles depend on the nature of the material to be studied. However, I know how I understand and retain the information I learn in school and as I continue to study, I find different styles more useful for certain courses.…

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    A week in my Quarantined life

    Even though I am somehow convinced that we are all living the same lives, - I mean, you are at home, working, or schooling or whatever but, you are at home - I have decided to share how my week went; schooling and studying from home. This is my first post of the year and I know I have a lot of stories to tell, but this is a start.

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    DNA – Do Not Abbreviate

    Hey guys! Thank you for stopping by. Today, you will learn a few things about your DNA. You must have heard a lot about the DNA as the acronym is used commonly. You might also know that your DNA is different from others; yes your DNA is what makes you UNIQUE. It is different from your biological brothers DNA even though you come from the same source. Your DNA affects how you look, behave as well as your physiology. You are the only one of your kind Contrary to Kendrick Lamar’s belief “I’ve got loyalty and royalty inside my DNA” I’m sorry but you do not. There is so much…

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    Get To Know Me

    Hi everyone, I’m sure by now you know what I do but there are some other things you may like to know. I think random question tags help you know a person more, so I’m doing a get to know me post (yayy). If you ask me to tell you about myself briefly, I might not know what to say but I can tell you that I am funny (yes very very funny) and you cannot tell me otherwise😑 . I selected some random questions from the internet and tweaked some of them. My colleague Emem, also suggested some questions (shout out to her) although she didn’t know the purpose.…