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November 15, 2019

Hello friends,

First, a big thank you for always stopping by and reading my stuff!

I’m calling you friend because I appreciate you for taking time out to read my imperfect writing. I’m also writing this post as a letter and it would be rude if you do not respond to me (expecting a response in the comments 😉). 

It’s been a little over a year since I finally bought my domain name and set up this blog (even though it took some more months before I decided to publish my first post). I honestly didn’t know what to expect after I started up the blog: I didn’t think people would be interested in reading it neither did I think that it was fancy or that it would spark nice conversations with people, lol. 

Setting up this space was a little hectic, I had a little fight with the first graphic designer I tried to work with when I was creating my logo (still don’t know why I really wanted a logo anyway). The guy just wasn’t getting it and was then trying to force me to like something he made😐. This experience made me want to do everything else myself; from buying the domain, to setting up the blog and everything else (thanks YouTube and 

I still get really nervous when designers look at my blog. I know that they always find some fault, but at this moment, as far as my readers are learning something, I’m good. 

Now, what the point of this story is, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe I wanted to say that MyBiotechHub isn’t where I want it to be yet, but I’ll get there soon(ish).

If anyone was wondering, “Where have you been Kikie??”

Well, I’ve been working on two very interesting science projects at the lab. But as interesting projects can also be stressful ones, I started to burnout. I decided to take some time off to rest after which I’ll be back in the lab doing more fun stuff!

A  hobby I’ve picked up is watching more science-related shows online- I took a break from podcasts for now – so if you don’t mind, can you suggest some interesting science shows that I could learn from? NO SCI-FI PLEASE!!  

I also took out some time to “work on my writing” although I don’t know how much I’ve done with that, lol. 

Has anyone else tried to do something better about their writing? What did you do? What worked for you? Please let me know in the comments. 

Lots of love,

Edidiong “Kikie” Essien


  • Gbadebo Olawale

    Hello Kikie, I found out that reading books especially novels unconsciously improved my writing.
    I’m not sure if it’ll work for all but you can try it out

  • marieperrie

    The struggle to become a better writer- I’ve been on that for ages 😭. None of these tips will transform you into a flawless writer in the blink of an eye but, they can help in the gradual shaping of your writing skills:
    1) Read: articles, books, poems, journals, whatever! The more exposed you are to good writing, the better you get at good writing.
    2) Write: It doesn’t have to be something you come up with. You can search for themes, essay or short story titles and practice with those. You only get better by practising.
    3) In your writing be conscious of structure and grammar. “Grammar girl” has great tips.
    4) Edit/Get a critic: Look over your work yourself and then give someone to look at it too; sometimes external eyes will see things you may have missed or help in affirming your good work (this is most important for works which are to be published).
    If you are able to pass across your information and have it understood effectively then you aren’t doing badly so don’t be too hard on yourself.
    The internet will have lots of better advice 😊.

  • Uleyi

    You’re doing amazing with your blog Kikie, and becoming a better writer I think you should use the grammerly app its a lazy way out but it helps and of course getting people to read your articles and be happy to receive constructive criticism

  • Jane A

    You’ll surely get there Kikie! I think you can improve your writing by reading more writers and writing more. You’ll get better and better. You’re doing great love. Take all the time you need.


    Hi Kiki! This is a great write up.

    I too have tried to improve my writing and I agree with Gbadebo Olawale.
    Read anything good. Good articles, good blog posts, good books, etc.

    I love this write up.

  • sockdolger

    Amazing work so far Kiki!!! I’ve learnt that it helps to write a little everyday even if you think its irrelevant, it forms a sort of habit and helps develop the skill

  • Oluwayomi

    Hey Kiki! I find your passion for science really intriguing and I love it! Great things are coming for you girl!

  • Y O

    Hi Edidiong, I think the previous comments have pretty much said it all.. so I know once you’ve been able to put them into commited practice, it’s only a matter of time..💃 (lol)

    *ps. You’re already doing such a great job girl! So proud of you..

  • Y O

    Hi Edidiong, I think the previous comments have pretty much said it all, so I know once you’ve been able to put them into commited practice, it’s only a matter of time💃(lol).

    *Ps. You’re already doing such a great job girl! So proud of you..

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