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What type of learner are you?

I recently did an online quiz that revealed (information I already knew) that I am mostly a visual learner. While I agree with that, I also learn effectively with an appropriate combination of all three types of learning styles categorized by scientists. These learning styles are visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. There are scientific debates on whether these concepts are valid or if our learning styles depend on the nature of the material to be studied. However, I know how I understand and retain the information I learn in school and as I continue to study, I find different styles more useful for certain courses.

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Interested in how I learn? Well, you are here so I have to tell you.

  1. I listen to lectures in class, I jot down, read my notes, read the textbooks, form my own notes, and then I watch the recorded lectures again. (DO NOT GIVE UP ON ME I AM TRYING).
  2. I love seeing pictures, diagrams, and flowcharts and they help me understand better.
  3. My notes are all over the place. If I write neatly, I probably do not understand the concepts yet or I know it perfectly. But on average, my notes when studying or revising cannot be understood by a third party.
  4. I love to study in study rooms when I first learn a topic, I tend to understand better when I am there, and then in the library or an open space when I am revising. I can focus while studying in my room at certain points, but study rooms are best.
  5. I do not enjoy study groups except I have a basic understanding of the subject first.
  6. I study best from midnight to early mornings (I must take a nap first before I pull an all-nighter).
  7. Finally, when I am struggling with a tough concept, I watch tonnes of videos about that concept on YouTube. I hope all of the amazing science communicators are getting their coins because they help a whole lot.

Even if you do not have to study for school, there are three great YouTube channels you can learn from. I shared my favorite science podcasts and I thought I should share my favorite channels on YouTube as well.

  • Okay, Dr. Esther has to be the first channel I talk about. She highlights underrepresented scientists and researchers from the past and present. You will definitely learn a lot from her.
  • Kurzgesagt– In a Nutshell easily became one of my favorite YouTube pages. The team explains science to beautifully and you can learn about almost every topic.
  • Scishow– The team at sci-show answer all the questions you didn’t know you had. get curious and watch those videos.
  • AsapSCIENCE– is also a great channel to understand some science concepts

Whatever type of learner you are, I am sure a video online has helped you one time. Tell me about your learning experience. What type of learner are you? Are you also Team videos? What science channels do you watch online? Talk to me in the comments!!!

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