Edidiong (Eddy) Essien is a scientist and graduate of biotechnology. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, Rockford, studying medical biotechnology. She is a young biotechnology enthusiast with growing experience in immunology, molecular biology and nanomedicine research. Her training exposes her to a range of transferable research, analytical, communication and business skills and competency to work in both industry and academia.

Her passion for science and science communication motivated her to create a science blog (mybiotechhub.com) where she shares her journey in the biotechnology industry, relevant science and medical information, as well as science procedures with a view to educate science in a fun way, shed more light on women in science and encourage more young girls to pursue science disciplines.

Edidiong is passionate about actively pursuing opportunities to solve problems in her society, especially if they support good health and well-being for people, gender equality and quality education. You can follow up on what she does via Instagram @biotechhub and her blog.