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    YouTube University

    What type of learner are you? I recently did an online quiz that revealed (information I already knew) that I am mostly a visual learner. While I agree with that, I also learn effectively with an appropriate combination of all three types of learning styles categorized by scientists. These learning styles are visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. There are scientific debates on whether these concepts are valid or if our learning styles depend on the nature of the material to be studied. However, I know how I understand and retain the information I learn in school and as I continue to study, I find different styles more useful for certain courses.…

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    A week in my Quarantined life

    Even though I am somehow convinced that we are all living the same lives, - I mean, you are at home, working, or schooling or whatever but, you are at home - I have decided to share how my week went; schooling and studying from home. This is my first post of the year and I know I have a lot of stories to tell, but this is a start.

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    5 Science Posts You Should See

    Hello again to all my friends, I’m glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never ends, here’s what we’re doing today. Who else loved Barney? 😅 (If you don’t get it, you’re too old. Keep reading anyway.) If you followed me on Twitter, you’d see that I share links leading to news on some interesting biotechnology innovations. Thousands of articles are published everyday and thousands of researchers work daily to create solutions to world problems. I honestly cannot keep up with them all, but I try my best to read at least one article a day. I have decided to share some of the intriguing ones I find.…

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    Alcohol vs Bacteria

    I was at a gathering and someone suggested that a lady could rinse a cup with some alcohol because it can “kill germs” and somehow, I became annoyed. So I used that opportunity to school him a little on microorganisms 😉. I’m here to teach you too 😅 I remember when I learnt that 100% alcohol cannot kill microorganisms, but 70% can. This didn’t make sense to me. I’m like, how is that possible? 😅 In the laboratory, we use 70% alcohol (especially ethanol) to sterilize work benches, our hands, laboratory bottles, and some equipments. A lot of hand sanitizers also contain some alcohol. Scientists have established that 50-80% alcohol…

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    Bacterial Wars

    Hello 😊 Thank you for stopping by today. So I mentioned on Instagram that my research proposal had been accepted and I will be contributing to science in my own little way (If you don’t follow me on Instagram already, you’re missing out). As a graduate research assistant, I never anticipated inciting a study, I am really grateful for this and excited about what I’ll be working on so I will share a brief summary in this post. Let me know what you think of this work and make suggestions in the comment section. I will be putting up good and bad bacteria against each other. Just as there are…

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    Get To Know Me

    Hi everyone, I’m sure by now you know what I do but there are some other things you may like to know. I think random question tags help you know a person more, so I’m doing a get to know me post (yayy). If you ask me to tell you about myself briefly, I might not know what to say but I can tell you that I am funny (yes very very funny) and you cannot tell me otherwise😑 . I selected some random questions from the internet and tweaked some of them. My colleague Emem, also suggested some questions (shout out to her) although she didn’t know the purpose.…